Diesel Technician working on a Mitsubishi Marine Engine

The customer experience is at the heart of Laborde Products' mission and is a core focus
of their business. Over Laborde’s years of tenure, they have discovered the lack of hands-on
involvement and guidance by engine providers are one of the many complexities the marine industry
faces. When one is faced with the crucial decision of selecting the best engine for their repower,
Laborde feels no one should be left guessing.

To eliminate this issue, Laborde Products has taken on the responsibility of providing mariners with the
clearest information possible. Therefore, Laborde Products developed their Vessel Survey Program. This
complimentary program involves one of Laborde Products’ trained sales professionals boarding one’s
vessel and surveying its engine room. This survey requires gathering basic information from vessel
name, year built, and type. Followed with a heavy emphasis on the engine's foundation, exhaust systems,
cooling systems, considerations of the reduction gear, propellers, piping connections, starting systems,
alarms, panels, and available engine room space.

“After carefully examining the owner’s vessel or vessels, we usually have a good idea for a recommendation as to which engine we should, or should not, offer as the best candidate for a repower option,” said Trace Laborde, Marine Manager of Laborde Products. The data collected by Laborde’s sales team is not intended to replace the owner or shipyard's engineering but is provided with the intent to identify the interface of the engine and or vessel to assist in avoiding any issues that could occur, putting the power and knowledge in the customer's hands. “If you’re considering a repower, a replacement, or an upgrade, contact Laborde Products for clear direction,” said Trace Laborde, Marine Manager of Laborde Products.