Mobile Pump

Laborde Products, a commercial engine distribution company specializing in the marine and industrial marketplace, recently announced the availability of Tier 3 mobile pumps for a wide range of dewatering applications and water transfer.

Available for sale or lease, Laborde’s mobile pumps are built with well-known manufacturers and are certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Designed to emit lower emissions and comply with a host of requirements, these mobile pumps guarantee a level of performance that’s reliable, easy-to-operate, and efficient. 

While the EPA says that new pump stations must be built with Tier 4 engines, existing operations can continue using Tier 3 engines that already meet the required standards. This is good news for the industry, as Tier 3 engines are less expensive and do not require diesel exhaust fluid.

Laborde’s stock of mobile pumps includes four models: LPI-M-63-6STX, LPI-M-63-6X6RP, LPI-F-HH6X3C, and LPI-F-HH6x6C. All four mobile pumps are built to withstand the roughest working conditions, yet each one is specifically calibrated to deliver its own set of benefits. 

LPI-M-63-6STX (Mitsubishi Engine): Manufactured for heavy-duty service, this 6-inch mobile self-priming pump is designed primarily for water and fluids transfer. 

LPI-M-63-6X6RP (Mitsubishi Engine): This model combines centrifugal capability in water and fluids transfer, with the ability to handle solids.

LPI-F-HH6X3C (Fiat Powertrain Technologies): Available as a trailer or skid mount, this model is a 6” x 3” vac-assist pump designed for water transfer in applications requiring high pressure. 

LPI-F-HH6X6C (Fiat Powertrain Technologies): Bringing more heavy duty-ready heft to the table, this model is a 6” x 6” vac-assist pump with centrifugal operations.

Whether you’re controlling flood waters, assisting pump stations, transferring water between drilling locations, or renting pumps for any variety of uses, Tier 3 diesel-powered mobile pump engines are a cost-effective solution, running efficiently at a variety of speeds, while meeting all standard EPA emissions requirements. Contact a sales rep at Laborde Products for more information.


Laborde Products specializes in the marine and industrial industries, distributing commercial engines and related products built for a multitude of operations. Working hand-in-hand with time-tested manufacturers such as Mitsubishi, FPT, Yanmar, Hatz, and Steyr, the Laborde team dedicates itself to delivering products and services that are unmatched in quality and reliability. Laborde Products provides service, training, and parts support from its offices in Covington, LA, and Houston, TX.